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Eggplants, otherwise called aubergines, have a place with the nightshade group of plants and are utilized in a wide range of dishes the world over.

Albeit frequently viewed as a vegetable, they’re in fact a natural product, as they develop from a blooming plant and contain seeds.

There are numerous assortments that range in size and shading. And keeping in mind that eggplants with a profound purple skin are most normal, they can be red, green or even dark.

Notwithstanding bringing a remarkable surface and mellow flavor to plans, eggplant brings a large group of potential medical advantages.

This article investigates 7 medical advantages of eggplants.

  1. Wealthy in Many Nutrients
  2. High in Antioxidants
  3. May Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease
  4. May Promote Blood Sugar Control
  5. Could Help With Weight Loss
  6. May Have Cancer-Fighting Benefits
  7. Very Easy to Add to Your Diet