About the Author

My name is Elise Aaron and I was once fat and want to become healthy. I came to a point that I got frustrated on how I look. I hated how I was on the mirror. Its a shame and all bad thoughts started to come over my mind. I started to search ways to be slim. I searched online for work-out, diet and a lot more about loosing weight. I pretty much had a hard time. Its not as easy as 1-2-3 but I know I should start to make the changes on my body happen.

It all started with one simple step till it goes on and on and changes begun to appear shining in front of my door. Up until today, I still enjoy the changes in my life and I continue to focus on what I am doing to maintain the health and the fitness that I have been dreaming of.

So now its my turn to share it to those who have suffered same as I did. To those who are journeying like mine, I have started this blog to share some tips to be healthy and everything related to keep you in good health and in shape. I hope this blog will help you to be pro-active and keep your goal up to your success!