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If you have used the words fit and healthy synonymously then think again; you are wrong in doing so. Yes! Both words mean different things. You can say that despite being fit you might not be healthy (you will know the reason once you read the article further).

When you think of it, fitness is always associated with the fact that how toned is your body. If you do not have fat bulging out from anywhere, it means that you are fit. However, despite a fat-free body you might feel pain in some areas, your digestive system might not work well, you can suffer from frequent headaches, etc; this is not a state of good health. Good health means that all your body parts are working properly.  There are many other differences between the two body states.

Fitness Can Be Specific But Health Is A General Term

We can also argue that fitness is specifically related to a particular task in a very particular field. For example, the kind of fitness level required to be a weightlifter is totally different from the fitness level of a marathon runner; both being really fit in their respective ways. However, health is a very general statement which means the same thing for the weightlifter and the marathon runner; both would want all their body parts to function properly along with their mind.

Fitness Is Mostly Physical But Health Is Also About The Mind

Fitness is a very myopic version of being healthy because it is always associated with how fit your body is. Fitness word concentrates only on the fact that is you active enough and does you have fat content in your body. A healthy body, on the other hand, includes a whole gamut of things. A healthy body needs to have a healthy mind; a mind that can think properly, take proper decisions and do not go into a panic attack in the smallest of situations. A healthy body also means that your body is well-rested and is not suffering from any kind of medical ailment.

Symptoms Of One Can Be Confused With Other But Not Another Way Around

What I mean to say here is that you will need a fit body to remain healthy but being fit is not the only symptom of being healthy; you can remain fit if you are disciplined with your exercise regime but even after exercising there might be some injuries that your body is suffering from. For fitness, you really need to do cardio exercise, strength training, etc. For good health you will need to eat right, sleep right, do mental exercise and of course do regular exercise. To conclude, I would say that, you can say that fitness is a part of being healthy but your health is not limited to fitness. Health is a very broad concept and if you need real happiness in life then you should be concentrating more on remaining healthy and not just remaining fit with the excess fat-less body.