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Can I eat garlic on keto dietIf you are on a keto diet, you may have heard about garlic and ketosis. Many people wonder how eating garlic affects ketones. The answer is it’s a little bit confusing. Let’s take a look at how garlic affects ketones, as well as how eating it can benefit your health.¬†

Before I discuss why garlic is important on the Keto diet, let’s look at how exactly the Keto diet works. People who followed the Keto diet lost twice as much weight as those who did not. The body first enters a condition of ketosis, in which it burns fat instead of carbohydrates for energy. Second, it uses ketones (plant-derived ketones) to give its energy. And ketones contain lots of glucose, the source of energy for the human body.

You should eat garlic on the Keto diet because it contains all suitable properties to make it more helpful to people on this type of low-carb diet – including lots of antioxidants and vitamins A, C & E. Also, unlike most veggies, you can overeat garlic on the Keto diet and not feel bad about it. That’s because there are very few carbs (except for fruit & vegetables) that contain carbs, far fewer than any other kind of food. So, essentially, you can eat as much garlic on the Keto diet as you want, and it won’t make a difference.

Eating keto garlic bread can provide you with lots of protein and net carbs per serving. To prepare this bread:

  1. Mix two tablespoons of olive oil with four cloves of garlic.
  2. Mix until the garlic smells fragrant.
  3. Add a pinch of salt, a quarter teaspoon of powdered garlic, and let the mixture sit for about ten minutes.
  4. Remove the garlic and place the bread on a baking sheet, then preheat the oven.

One of the benefits of eating a lot of garlic on the keto diet is its effect on your brain chemistry. Because it is highly beneficial for your body and low in carbs (even for carbohydrates that don’t get converted to fat), you end up having a much better mental balance and, therefore, better cognitive function. In addition, consuming a lot of garlic has a powerful flavour, making it very easy to add to meals – and therefore, it is a perfect addition to the pre-packaged meals that you buy at the store.

You will need to decide how often you will eat garlic on the keto diet because the daily recommended dose is two tablespoons. You do not want to overeat, though, because the high level of fat that you will take in can raise your blood sugar. If you can find some natural sweeteners to use in conjunction with your garlic, such as honey or maple syrup, you will find that it is easier to stay within the recommended daily dosage. If you can eat garlic cloves in a situation where you would not normally eat them, it can add to the flavour of your meals, but you should avoid eating too many at one time.

The health benefits of using garlic in your diet go far beyond its delightful flavour. Though this type of food may taste bland to most people, it can provide numerous health benefits. By eating more garlic in your diet, you can enjoy all of the wonderful benefits that garlic offers, and you can help improve your overall health. So you can definitely eat garlic on keto diet but avoid eating too much.

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