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marmite keto dietIf you have been dieting for a while, you will undoubtedly have come across the term “keto diet”. This is basically a low carb diet that also involves deficient levels of saturated fat, salt and sugar. So what can I eat on keto? Marmite is one of the foods you can eat on this type of diet.
Many people want to know, “can I eat Marmite on a keto diet?” The answer is a “yes”, but you do need to read the label. The original recipe uses unsalted butter and minimal sugar, so these low carbohydrate versions are pretty healthy. The low carb version will taste like a low carb diet food, but it is still not one. You can still taste the deliciously sweet chocolate flavour.
However, you are still getting the healthy ingredients you are looking for.
When talking about low carb diets, one thing to consider is that they tend to “trick” the body into believing that it is at a lower caloric level than it is by cutting out or eliminating certain foods. This is because carbohydrates are digested fairly quickly as opposed to proteins and fats, and your body ends up using some of the extra glucose to produce energy. This is one of the reasons that you will find that the low carb dieting fads keep going back and forth. Each “revelation” brings better results because the body has to work harder to create energy. Ketones are produced as well, but they are used primarily as a backup source of sugar when carbohydrates are unavailable.
If you have heard about the power of eating “Keto” you may have considered trying it. Ketosis is another name for low carb-eating. In general, the diet involves cutting out carbs from most of your regular meals except for some “legumes”. Many low carb dieters have reported that their weight loss has been very encouraging. So, after doing the research, they probably would try it again.
The first “problem” with many “Keto” dieters, especially the newcomers, is that they do not know how much to eat. They get “low carb” labels on things without understanding what those numbers mean. Often these labels are confusing, and a person may think they are eating low carb when they are not. Another problem is that many people try to go it alone and buy a package of low carb diet pills or shakes, which are just a cheap way of tricking your body into thinking it is getting the nutrition it needs. There are many “books” out there for people who want to lose weight this way, but unfortunately, they are not working.

If you want to lose weight, go ahead and try low carb diets, just understand that while they will help you lose weight, they may not be for everyone. So many people fail these diets because they do not take the time to learn about the “how to’s” and “what’s” of low carb dieting and nutritional health. The best way to learn about this important subject is by doing it yourself. If you are genuinely dedicated you will find the information you need by searching for it on the internet. Just remember, before you try any low-carb diet, please consult your doctor.

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