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Pregnancy is one of the most miraculous things that one can experience in one’s lifetime (and yea I am talking about only the mothers here!). You, as an expecting mother need to take care of what you eat during and some months after pregnancy. Also, the food needs to be delicious, nutritious and healthy for your child. We will try to determine a probable dietary plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner for all expecting moms like you, in this article.

Breakfast Diet Plan

Before we venture into discussing the breakfast plan you need to know one thing that you are not supposed to eat raw food, unless it is a salad or a fruit. If it is winter season then eating some fruits can also harm your health. Also, if you like to eat boiled eggs in breakfast then ensure that they are hard boiled.

Breakfast 1- Oats with apple and powdered cinnamon

You can soak oats in milk and add some fresh cut apples & a pinch of cinnamon in the oats. This dish contains a lot of calcium which is important for the healthy growth of bones of baby.

Breakfast2- Egg roll

As a filling you can mix some sauté baby spinach and some scrambled eggs. Take a whole wheat tortilla base and add this filling in it. This dish contains sodium which maintains water level around your body cells.

Breakfast 3- Veg grilled sandwich

Throw in all green veggies and mix some mayonnaise in it. Use this as a filling to make yourself a sandwich, always take brown bread. This is light and delicious for new mom.

Lunch Diet Plan

Lunch is comparatively a heavy meal to breakfast; so you are expected to eat something that will keep you full.

Lunch 1- Rice with healthy blend of pulses

Rice is our staple food and is good for all pregnant women. Mix in some well cooked pulses along with rice. You can add some green salads as well to this menu. Include some homemade ghee/butter in rice. Butter contains good cholesterol which is an important nutrient for you as an expecting mom. Pulses contain proteins which again is good for you all.

Lunch2- Whole wheat bread with green vegetables

You can make a curry out of green vegetables but remember that you are not supposed to add refine oil in preparing the curry (you can anytime use olive oil). Make flat rotis from whole wheat flower.

Dinner Diet Plan

For dinner, you will again want to keep it light so that you can sleep properly at night. Also, do not have late dinners.

Dinner1- Multi-grain pizza

Make a base out of multi-grains and add a lot of vegetables as topping (there are onions, bell pepper, sweet corn, broccoli, baby-corn, etc). You can add cheese to your pizza after consulting on the same with your gynecologist.

Dinner 2- Salads  

Take rocket leaves, all kinds of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, black olives, cucumber, onion, capsicum and some olive oil and mix everything in a bowl. Add some salad dressing to the bowl and enjoy a healthy dinner. To conclude, I would say that you do not have to eat less but eat at frequent intervals; you cannot have just 3 meals a day. This will ensure that your baby has proper growth inside your womb.