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Taking weight loss pill and diets is the one step which are considered as the magic wand that would reduce excess body fat within a few days; believe you are me but you are just being a victim to the false propagandas of marketers who are trying to fill their pockets by exploiting your vulnerability. I will tell you why these weight loss pills and diets are in fact bad for your health.

You Get Used To It

All these pills have that addictive content in it. If you take these pills for a long time then you just get dependent upon them. Once you start to leave those pills, you start suffering from withdrawal symptoms. There are chances that you start gaining fat, as soon as you stop taking pills. I have seen people gaining more fat compared to previous situation, when they start withdrawing from the diet pills. Instead, you can get addicted to doing exercise and yoga because they will keep you slim without any kind of side-effects!

Many Medical Ailments

Do you know how these diet pills work? I will tell you. They will control your craving for food, increase your metabolism rate unnecessarily, or control the process of fat production of your body. Let me tell you that when you play so much with your body your body reacts negatively. You start suffering from insomnia, headache, increased blood pressure, agitation, liver damage, rectal bleeding, etc. The best way out here is to make your body get used to the change gradually so that your body does not react to the sudden change!

It May Be Hormonal

The excess fat of your body might not be because of your wrong dietary habits, it could be because of some hormonal imbalance in your body. For example, people with low hemoglobin usually suffer from excess body fat. In such cases, if you start eating less then it will only aggravate the situation. You do not have to take diet pills or control your diet but you have to eat right. Carrying forward the previous example, you will need to start taking food products that have high iron content in it (do not take iron tablets because it concentrates blood at your finger joints which is very bad for your health).

Slower Down Your Brain Activity

We have talked previously in the article that dietary pills and diets have the property of decreasing your craving for the food itself. This means that you will not feel like having food, despite your body requirements.  Amidst all these, your brain still needs an ample amount of oxygen to function properly which will happen only if you take adequate food on time. To conclude, I would say that do not fall prey to the marketing gimmicks of all the companies that propagate the benefits of dietary pills and diets but fail to tell you their hazardous effects on your health. You can definitely reduce your weight but take the healthier route for the same (please read exercise here!).